Our Equipment.

CCA Transport operates a modern fleet of vehicles. This includes single and bogie drive prime movers and two 14 pallet rigids.  Most of these vehicles comply with the new “Euro” emission control standards. CCA has various trailer combinations which can be tailored to suit customers needs and loads.

All of CCA Transports vehicles are listed in the NHVR maintenance management program, this program ensure procedures are in place so vehicles are always fit for service with regular maintenance and servicing with drivers performing pre-trip checks and reporting faults.

All CCA vehicles have “real time” satellite tracking which monitor position, speed and maintenance scheduling. Satellite tracking enables CCA to locate a truck, identify the driver at any given time, monitor driver fatigue, provide accurate information of arrival times for time critical express loads and monitor trailer couplings. Customers can also be given a login to the network to allow them to check the positions of vehicles carrying their freight.  

Our vehicles are also fitted with Trailer Safe Global's coupling devices to ensure safe coupling of our trucks and trailers without dropped trailers or damage to customers equipment or our own. (www.trailersafeglobal.com.au)

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